Tandem sky diving is our most recommended introduction to the arena of sky diving in Boston. Your introductory experience with tandem sky diving in Boston is constructed to calibrate your head to the cerebral rush involved. Boston Skydiving likes to make sure that you can walk before you try to fly. After an efficiently short and sweet training session, you will have all the helpful help and advice you are in need of for your adventure with tandem sky diving in Boston. You see, with tandem sky diving in Boston, only the least possible effort from you is necessitated because a USPA certified tandem master is fastened to you the whole time. Your entire experience couldn’t be more easy!


When your turn arrives, board the plane and get ready for launch! Fly up to altitudes as high as 14,000 feet, take a deep breath or two, and prepare to see the sky as you have never seen it. The door opens, skydivers file out down to the exit. 1, 2, 3 ... jump! Walk upon the ol' buttermilk skies, drift across the heavens, and always keep your eyes open to take in the panorama. With about 1 Minute of freefall, your head is going to do all it can to stay on top of the clamor of the wind, weightlessness of pure flight, and also sights beyond imagining. Your Boston Skydiving network tandem master may even give you the choice to yank the ripcord. As soon as the cord is plucked out of its socket, the terminal velocity gives way to modern technology in some of the safest and most modern parachutes available.

Gently glide down the atmosphere as you take in a sight from a different point of view than you've probably ever seen. If you aspire to get your skydiving certification to jump much more often and cheaper but don't think you're ready for the big time solo flight, let the Boston Skydiving network take you through the tandem skydiving way of certification as described below.

Tandem Skydiving

The tandem skydiving in Boston process is an intro for the eager but not yet fearless Boston Skydiving network pupil. Designed for beginners thrilled about the sport but still trying to adjust to the pressure of using the risers to safely drop to the landing zone, the tandem progression advances more gradually through the required curriculum. We're here to aid you into one of the most fascinating sports in the world. You are going to swoop through the wind, dip through the clouds, and experience an adrenaline rush that'll leave your heart still pumping rapidly when you go to bed at night. As safety is taken extremely seriously at any location we offer, rest assured that all aircraft, rigging, AAD (automatic activation device) and other FAA specified procedures are monitored thoroughly. With the appropriate gear and training, you'll have thousands of jumps in no time.



This level of tandem skydiving is fashioned to introduce you to the arch body posture, freefall turns, altitude awareness, main parachute deployment, and canopy control. The advantage to the Boston Skydiving tandem progression program is that you have a coach with you through the whole freefall and parachute ride. During the canopy (parachute) section of your skydive, the instructor will supply you with a workable comprehension of canopy techniques as you execute the maneuvers.


Expounding upon what was imparted in the beginning step, the 2nd level of the progression concentrates upon stability during freefall and more exacting turns. They'll advise you to wave off to any skydivers in the area, just in case. Other skydivers, irrespective of level, will know to get out of the way fast to prevent becoming tangled in your parachute and cables. Beginners have to pull at a higher altitude than more proficient jumpers for safety, so you'll open the chute at about five thousand feet. After this, you will likely lend a hand with the landing to help validate your competency at this point. Practice makes perfect, and PLF (Parachute Landing Fall) lessons will allow you to minimize what could end up being a harsher touchdown. You'll evaluate any footage and notes of your jump after landing, so the training sinks in before the next level. Assuming you've been paying attention and performing well, you're headed to level three.


During the course of phase 3 of tandem skydiving at one of our facilities near Boston, you will be introduced to sophisticated heading maintenance, disciplined 360 degree freefall turns, forward movement while in freefall, and continued canopy deployment. After this level and following the 6 hour ground school, one of the instruction crews will help you start the accelerated freefall (AFF) skydiving school program at level 4. At this threshold, most people are adjusted to the thinner air and necessary level of cognizance that accompanies falling from such high elevations. Movements and procedure are easier to develop now. The adrenaline rush is present, yet it's not the unmanageable craze that you deal with throughout your initial skydive. You're on your way to ending up being an experienced skydiver!

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