What finer method to remember your Boston skydive than to re-live it time and again with friends and family. Your skydive video offers a particular and different perspective to your skydive Every moment you want to watch once more can be recorded and set to music for the occasion. Ordinarily, your video package will involve a 5-7 minute video. Still photos may be incorporated in your video bundle depending on the dropzone you go to.

Must I give Advance Notice

Due to strong success of the sport, availability is comparable to preparation prior to the intended day for your skydive. Hence, the more time before your date, the more likely the date and time you want is available. Much goes into our scheduling procedure. We need ample time to accurately and successfully plan necessary personnel and gear to fulfill your venturous wants.

Am I able to carry my own digital camera?

You are invited to carry your own video camera with you and get pics during your Boston Skydiving network training, however, you will be too occupied with your Boston skydive to take care of your camera during the dive. It might be lost or damaged, and we find it's far better to leave all the video and photographs up to the Boston Skydiving network professional videographers. You'll be preoccupied adequately throughout the skydive, specifically taking into consideration the fact that you're around 14,000 feet over the ground dropping at a speed of 120 mph.

Could I have my friends get video or pictures?

Definitely! Depending on the quality of their camera equipment, they will have the opportunity to get photos of you flying down to ground below the canopy as well as your rapid, but smooth, landing. Maybe even pictures of you once you land to try at catching the feeling you experienced to have proficiently performed your 1st skydive.

Could the Cameraman Film Two or More Individuals?

The lapse of time in between 2 individuals jumping creates a sizable distance in between them; making it unrealistic to film 2 or more people in an individual video. When the 1st skydiver jumps away from the airplane, his velocity intensifies significantly. After a short time, he is going too quickly for somebody to catch up. For that reason, a videographer would not have the opportunity to catch a second skydiver in the video. Attempting to film both would certainly make the second look similar to an ant in the background. Without the exact shots in sky, the video doesn't possess the unique feeling that can exhibit what the journey felt like. The personal connection is just what makes your Boston skydive into a treasured memory. Possess a hd video handy to relive the journey in its totality. Give our team a call at 215-258-2255 right away!

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